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Gorgeous Clowns

My favourite little dinosaurs are the rainbow lorikeets: bright and colourful, acrobatic, clowns, stroppy, and just all-around fabulous. We’ve had a pair around a few times lately, and I’m very happy with this photo I nabbed the other day:

Colourful Clowns

40 year-old lens, btw. I love my Takumar 135.

I also love Lightzone, which I’m learning to use better and better. Perhaps a post dedicated to that might follow at some stage.

No RAW thanks, we’re iOS 8

So then. iOS 8 then. Pretty cool, save one thing in particular. No, I’ll not join the ranks of the poor folks who thought that all their photos had been eaten, simply because the album organisation had changed and the camera roll disappeared… I do mean something in the photos app though: it really does not seem to cope at all well with RAW files.

Swiping through an album of .dng files has become a painfully-protracted endeavour. One image moves a little off the screen, and…

Pause for effect…

… Eventually the next image takes its place. Deleting an image takes similar eons.

I haven’t found any mention of this online, but here’s hoping I’m not the only one to notice – and I particularly hope that Apple notice.

And sort it out.

Nailed it

I had a day most excellent today. Rosellas visited; then king parrots – a couple of bold ones even perched on my arm, then my young son’s, to have a feed.

Then came a pair of rainbow lorikeets.

Lorikeet redux

This month my Pentax has affixed to it my Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 135mm – the perfect lens for today. 😀 After processing the resulting photos as usual, on my iPad, I had a go on my iMac, using Lightzone.

Lorikeet redux

If I do say so myself: nailed it. 😀

Lorikeet pair (LZ)


I’m engaged in a mini-challenge, or project at the moment. That’s over and above the single lens challenge on the Pentax Forums (using one lens every day for a month): as well as that, I’m limiting myself to 24 frames (like a roll of film) a week; I take all unmetered shots – without chimping, at least until I’ve moved away and can’t repeat the shot if I mucked it up. It makes me think much more about each photograph, and so far I’m enjoying it a lot.

It’s quite striking how well the “Sunny 16” rule works as a guide to setting the exposure manually, for example:

Swimming Willow

I’d recommend this as an exercise to everyone – with or without the manual exposure part. Taking a limited number of photos does make you think more about every single one

And your photo library’s clutter increases more slowly. 😉