I’m engaged in a mini-challenge, or project at the moment. That’s over and above the single lens challenge on the Pentax Forums (using one lens every day for a month): as well as that, I’m limiting myself to 24 frames (like a roll of film) a week; I take all unmetered shots – without chimping, at least until I’ve moved away and can’t repeat the shot if I mucked it up. It makes me think much more about each photograph, and so far I’m enjoying it a lot.

It’s quite striking how well the “Sunny 16” rule works as a guide to setting the exposure manually, for example:

Swimming Willow

I’d recommend this as an exercise to everyone – with or without the manual exposure part. Taking a limited number of photos does make you think more about every single one

And your photo library’s clutter increases more slowly. 😉


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