Magical magic

Welp… I’m feeling quite pleased with myself right about now. 8) Background: I’ve been playing around learning card magic for a few months, and having a lot of fun with it. (And loving all the different decks of cards available…) My children rather differ in their responses to my magical efforts. My young son is a most receptive audience – gaping mouth, wide-eyed, hugely appreciative … Continue reading Magical magic

Gorgeous Clowns

My favourite little dinosaurs are the rainbow lorikeets: bright and colourful, acrobatic, clowns, stroppy, and just all-around fabulous. We’ve had a pair around a few times lately, and I’m very happy with this photo I nabbed the other day: 40 year-old lens, btw. I love my Takumar 135. I also love Lightzone, which I’m learning to use better and better. Perhaps a post dedicated to … Continue reading Gorgeous Clowns