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Another side

I mentioned in my first post that I play guitar. Maybe I should post a merging of those two things: a photo of (a part of) me and one of my guitars. I’m rather happy with how this came out:


Call it a selfie that I don’t mind. 😉

No colours


This is another of my favourite photos, and again was taken with a cameraphone – this time an old Sony-Ericsson. My daughter and I were at the airport, and there was a young lad about her age also in the departure lounge. In an instant they found each other, and they remained inseparable until we boarded.

Would that adults were as blind to superficial differences.

An old beach


This is a photo I’m proud of. I took it with my old 3G iPhone, and to get to the shot I wanted I had to trudge a long way through sand and mud and water, with the muddy squelchy mess flying upwards with every step, up my back and in my hair. But it was worth it.

That was a few years ago. Recently I reprocessed it into B&W using Photogene4 on my iPad, and I like the result.