I just click the shutter


An old beach


This is a photo I’m proud of. I took it with my old 3G iPhone, and to get to the shot I wanted I had to trudge a long way through sand and mud and water, with the muddy squelchy mess flying upwards with every step, up my back and in my hair. But it was worth it.

That was a few years ago. Recently I reprocessed it into B&W using Photogene4 on my iPad, and I like the result.

I just hit the strings…


I’m a guitarist; have been for much longer than I’ve been a photographer. – And recently I’ve realised that I approach the technical side of photography, and cameras, in broadly the same way. Synth players are technical and clever folks, knowing all about the oscillators and LFOs and modulating wossnames and all sorts of tricksy stuff. As a guitarist, I just hit the strings. Maybe I turn a volume knob on the guitar, and a gain knob on a distortion box, but that’s about it, really.

That’s how I like my cameras to be. The more things I can set or alter using physical dials, the better. I have a fairly new camera – the Pentax K-30 seen in this photo – but I use old manual lenses, so I focus and set the aperture manually. I wish shutter speed and ISO had physical dials, just like on an old K1000 film camera, for example (the shutter speed, anyway; film ASA doesn’t really allow for adjustment on the fly 😉 ).

It seemed a bit strange to me that I was driving a new camera in such a basic and old-fashioned way, until I clicked to the parallel with guitars.

I just hit the strings; I just click the shutter.

As this photoblog develops I’ll be posting some of my better photos, some thoughts about them, and some of my thoughts about photography.