Someone wants my photos.

So. Random message on Flickr. Incomprehensible-or-nearly username, and one photo on their photostream. Addresses me as “Occasionally” (Occasionally focused being my moniker on Flickr). Says they would like to “buy” some of my photos to use on a photography website they run (url not given). Use not specified. Say they “usually pay $75” per photo. Asks can I email them, because they don’t check Flickrmail much.


Personally, I’d tend to use my own photos on any photography website I was running. Well, like this one, I suppose. 😉 So if they’re asking for others’ photos, one wonders are they licensing those photos for others to use? Like a stock photo sort of thing. Or something else?

Of course I can’t check, because they didn’t give me the url. Searching on the supplied email address bore no fruit, either.

But let’s think: some random wants to give me a one-off payment of $75 each for unspecified and (given their use of the term “buy”) eternal royalty-free use of my photos.

And they don’t check Flickrmail much …. the cynic in me says they know that, being dodgy, the account will get blocked/shut down soon, and they wouldn’t be able to check Flickrmail.

I’m not completely sure whether to email them and challenge them on those points – with the (I think vanishingly-small) possibility I’d actually make some money from my photography, or just ignore them.

… I think it’ll probably be the latter though.

… And now I’ve had another bit of Flickrmail. This one seems less completely dodgy, but, well, with terms not exactly geared towards me. 😉 This was from someone at Crowdmedia – it would seem they ask for access to all your photos, and sell use of them to publishers, giving you half the proceeds. Mmmmm … nup. Again, it’s just too open-ended and vague.


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